Green car tech

In recent shows we’ve been talked a bit about alternative energy technologies. Most times when people discuss the future of energy, they talk about how to generate it.

Of course, that’s an important subject. But most alternative generation technologies aren’t likely to be ready for the big time for decades.

What are we going to do about energy shocks as fossil fuels become more and more scarce? What happens if the fledgling democracies in North Africa and the Middle East come to their senses and start charging for oil what it’s actually worth? And what are we going to do about our contribution to climate change, which demands action now, not in 30 years time?

For this, we need to concentrate not on how we GENERATE energy but how we USE energy. So in this episode, we talk to Dr Ralph Clague, an engineer at Gordon Murray Design, about green car technologies that should help stretch current, and future, energy resources further.

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